Who We Serve

Equipment Manufacturers

 SLR’s proprietary research helps manufacturers gauge their performance in the competitive landscape. The detailed data provides insight into how well they are positioned in the market as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors - both in a regional and global environment. They are able to use this information to market to their customers and potential customers and for strategic planning and business development. Additionally, the detailed reports reveal early shifts in the microwave radio market, enabling them to be ready to leverage these emerging trends to their advantage.  

Silicon Manufacturers

 SLR’s proprietary research helps silicon manufacturers verify their share in the microwave radio market. It also provides additional insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their customers and the challenges they face in the marketplace. The reports not only help with business development and strategic product planning, but also where they should be focusing their marketing efforts.   

Ancillary Supporters

 Like silicon manufacturers, ancillary suppliers often have questions about the competitive landscape and how their customers are performing. SLR’s proprietary research can help in providing credibility to their internal business plans for product development and planning. Additionally, it gives insight into potential customers, as well as those companies who are may be using a competitor’s product. At an aggregate level, this information helps solidify business and marketing strategies.  

Fixed Line & Mobile Operators

Service providers know what is being used in their region, but often they want to know how other operators are using the radios. Additionally, they are interested in whether or not their suppliers are accelerating or lagging in the market. The average selling price component of the reports also helps them to know what kind of pricing to ask for, while the regional and product breakouts provide insight into which manufacturers are having success with new products or products that they need in their own networks. These metrics are especially helpful for mobile backhaul applications and for smaller regional service providers.  


  Like small regional operators, it is valuable to know how your manufacturing partners are doing in the market – not only in the market you serve but globally, and SLR’s proprietary research gives this insight. Additionally, SLR’s proprietary reports show competitors’ pricing at the manufacturer level, as well as which products and manufacturers are succeeding and which are faltering. The forecast reports also are a valuable tool for business planning.   


 Often times, regulators need an outside voice as a litmus test to their internal plans. When it comes to spectrum and point to point wireless technologies, SLR can be contracted to help with this effort. Our proprietary research, combined with one on one conversations, provide a deeper look at the market and region, helping regulator bodies make the best decision possible. 

Financial Banks/VCs

 SLR’s proprietary research helps investors solidify their initial research into potential investment targets with in depth analyses of the competitive landscape, market movements, and deep market dives outside of syndicated reports. The  neutral third party voice that SLR offers, provides a trusted source for M&A due diligence as well as other strategic business plans. 

Industry Associations/Working Groups

 SLR’s proprietary research aids working groups and industry associations with market forecasts, and customized presentations, that can be used at industry conferences as well as when approaching country governments and regulators.