What We Do

What Can Sky Light Research Do For You?

SLR cuts to the chase and provides data that can be seamlessly integrated into your company's business model in Excel format. Every 90 days over 500 Excel tables, focusing purely on point to point wireless technologies, along with an executive summary analysis, are delivered to your inbox.  The reports’ Excel format allows for easy integration into your internal business models. 

The executive summary along with the reports’ summary tables provides an uncluttered look at the market that CEO's and top executives can quickly assimilate. Additional tables detail the market, providing product managers, PLMs, business development managers, strategic analysts, sales teams, and investment analysts an in-depth picture of how well specific products compete. The detail and accuracy of SLR's data remains unmatched. The data is relevant and timely, and provides your sales, marketing, and product management teams the information they need to make sound business decisions.  

Products and Services

Report Content

Our reports are packed with easily accessed statistics and data including worldwide and regional market sizing, worldwide and regional market shares, forecasts, summary charts and analysis. In-depth analysis for more detailed exploration of the market is also available upon request. Our data helps you benchmark your products and performance in the market versus your competitors’. It also provides important third party verification of internal business strategies. 

Market Detail

  • Trunking/Long-Haul Radios
  • Short-Haul Radios
  • Split Mount Radios
  • All Indoor Radios
  • Full Outdoor Radios
  • Licensed and Unlicensed Radios
  • Microwave Radios (2-58 GHz)
  • E Band Millimeter Wave Radios (70-80 GHz)
  • V Band Millimeter Wave Radios (60 GHz)
  • 5 GB Enterprise Ethernet Radios
  • Capacity of Radios broken out into segments from under 100 Mbps to 10+ Gbps
  • Spectrum Usage Demand
  • Applications
  • 8 Categories for Vertical Markets
  • Global Plus 10 Regional Breakouts
  • Revenue, Units Shipped, and Average Selling Prices by Manufacturer

Since SLR considers our customers to be our partners, we offer flexible products covering the above metrics that can customized to meet your resource and budget requirements.  

Single Reports

Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and 5 GHz Ethernet Radio markets

For companies needing an immediate one-time look at the market, individual reports are available. Report price includes inquiry privileges and a company-wide license. 

Market Share Reports

Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and 5 GHz Ethernet Radio markets 

A quarter by quarter look at global and regional markets. Market share is detailed by revenue, units, and average selling prices. Each market is further broken down to provide unparalleled detailed information including statistics on vendors, verticals, capacities, frequencies, and application trends. Over 500 tables are published each quarter with an executive summary discussing key trends for the quarter. Price includes inquiry privileges and a company-wide license. 

Forecast Reports

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Markets

Five year forecasts for three scenarios are provided: Most Probable forecast, Conservative Forecast, and Aggressive Forecast.  Global and regional forecasts cover units, average selling prices, and revenue for similar metrics outlined in the market share reports. Over 300 forecast tables are published. . Price includes inquiry privileges and a company-wide license. 

SkyView Service

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Markets

For companies who need to keep an eye on the market but not at an in-depth level.  SkyView provides a top line summary of the Microwave market, or the Millimeter Wave Market, or the combined Microwave and Millimeter Wave Markets – your choice. This service is ideal for start ups, mobile operators, service providers, the investment community, or integration/distribution partners.  Price includes inquiry privileges and a company-wide license.  

Syndicated Services

Microwave radio, Millimeter Wave, and 5 GHz Ethernet Radio markets

SLR's flagship product is also the most popular. This annual service is ideal for companies who need a continual assessment of the market. The service comes in three flavors: Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and 5 GHz Ethernet Radio services. The subscription service is for 12 months and can be tailored to your company's individual needs. One service offers anywhere from a total of 4 to 6 reports a year, delivered at least every 90 days. The service encompasses the above reports as well as unlimited inquiry privileges. One subscription serves the entire company worldwide.  The reports are delivered in the form you need – you can choose between PDF and live EXCEL workbooks. The PDF format is ideal for the budget conscience customer, while EXCEL is perfect for those who do business planning/strategy and forecasting, as the tables can be easily incorporated into your internal business models. 

Deeper Insight/Consulting

Custom services are for companies who need a closer look at the market or who need specialized market reports to support their specific business strategy. SLR leverages our existing database from the syndicated services to build a customized analysis to fit your specific needs. Whether it’s for M&A due diligence, a SWOT analysis, marketing literature for a product launch, or deeper exploration to verify a business strategy, we are able to help.  

Want to know more? Let us know where we should send table of contents, the publication schedule, or more information on SLR’s services.