Our Approach

A Proven Research Methodology

Our model starts at a product level by region. This data is then rolled up to a market total for products, regions, and manufacturers. SLR’s unique model is based on a deep understanding of the market and is constantly refined and updated. Building on a 15+ year base of data, SLR has the unique ability to provide the most detailed and accurate market sizing available on the market today; which ultimately helps you to be more competitive and better understand the market by detecting and taking advantage of early shifts in product segments. Additionally, our research helps you assess your positioning and the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, in a regional and global environment. 

Outside of our syndicated services, we can also work with you to strengthen your marketing efforts by helping you with white papers, case studies, marketing insight articles, or SWOT analyses.  We can even present our findings, on our behalf, in webinars, conferences, and meetings with your customers.   

Business Intelligence

Not only do we provide market shares and trends, but we explore the main drivers. By taking a detailed look at the applications and end user markets influencing the numbers. Mobile backhaul is the main driver, but verticals also play an important part – knowing how the top five verticals are influencing the demand is an important element to better understanding the market in order to make the best strategic decisions.


Data you can trust. The relationship we have with our customers is built on trust. We strive to be transparent in our methodology and models, to better help you  know how to use the numbers. We build a partnership with our customers, viewing ourselves as an extension to their business. When our customers do well, we do well.   

Market Ecosystem Relationships

Our relationships with the industry have been built over the last 15+ years by through consistent services and mutual respect. We value these relationships above all else, which is why we have fair and economical pricing on all of our reports.