Europe 2016

Microwave short haul radios drive the microwave market. Being that radios are used predominantly for mobile backhaul, mobile operators like the flexibility and compact size that short haul radios offer. Millimeter wave radios will start to make a larger impact, although they are a small piece of the market today. These higher frequency radios are being driven by E Band 70-80 GHz radios. 


Worldwide 1Q 2017

Due to the heavy focus on mobile backhaul, the microwave radio market is led by Tier 1 vendors who also sell RAN equipment. Outside of these vendors, are a handful of vendors that are strong contenders with innovative gear, each focusing on slightly different attributes. Regional demand has much to do with market share, since mobile operators and vertical markets tend to do business with domestic companies. 


North America Radio Capacities

The majority of capacity required at mobile backhaul sites is 400 Mbps–1 Gbps. This is likely to be the case for the next few years. As 5G networks, roll out, more capacity will be required in areas with a high concentration of people, driving the need for 1+ Gbps at more and more sites. With the recent innovations by microwave manufacturers, radios will be able to handle these high capacities (10+ Gbps), fully meeting the needs of 5G backhaul. 

SLR's goal is to report the market honestly and accurately, providing its clients the resources they need to win in today's turbulent, highly competitive, and dynamic market environment. 

SLR has established itself as a credible and reliable resource for market intelligence in the point to point wireless market. SLR has developed robust models and works closely with a broad range of wireless leaders to establish accurate and reliable numbers for reports that are published every 90 days, on a quarterly cycle. By analyzing current activity in the market, at silicon, equipment, and operator levels, SLR is able to help its clients make strategic decisions that help them to compete more effectively. This process helps build a solid report that companies can count on for accurate market sizing and market shares. The reports provide an effective tool in which to measure your company’s success and penetration in the market.  

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